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Jessica Benfatto

Jessica Benfatto, a multifaceted author and corporate storytelling specialist, has built her career on her love of words. With a Master’s degree in Techniques of Storytelling and Narration from the Holden School in Turin and a background in Communication and Valorization of Contemporary Art. Heritage, Jessica has honed her skills through numerous specialized courses, including Branded Content at SDA Bocconi. Her professional experience ranges from the creation and design of text content for digital platforms to the production of podcasts for cultural institutions and strategic communications consulting for individuals and companies. Jessica is also a lecturer in writing for seriality and transmedia storytelling. Her multidisciplinary approach and ongoing research into new forms of communication enable her to deftly intercept the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary humanities, transforming simple stories into engaging experiences and successful strategies. In three words: she observes, she teaches, she writes. Some of her written words are for Fondazione Barilla e Musei Reali di Torino.

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