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Business and Environmental Sustainability: Why is it an Opportunity?

The problems of pollution and climate change increasingly require changes in the way people live and a different approach by companies to their production processes.

Fortunately, in recent years, we have been witnessing a gradual increase in awareness of environmental issues worldwide; citizens are becoming more and more aware of their actions, both in terms of consumption and habits, and in terms of their choice of certain brands and their products or services.

With this in mind, it is now clear that choosing to maintain a sustainable footprint at your company offers a number of benefits. Let’s find out why environmental sustainability is a great opportunity for your business.

Making your business sustainable helps the environment

The first goal of sustainability is, of course, to protect the environment. For this reason, governments around the world are enacting increasingly restrictive laws in terms of reducing emissions and energy consumption.

If every company, regardless of its size, committed to implementing actions that would significantly reduce its environmental impact, significant results would be achieved.


It would finally be possible to hope for an improvement in global conditions within a shorter amount of time; our planet and its resources are the most precious assets we have, and protecting them is crucial, for us, for future generations, and for all living beings.

Consumers are consciously seeking out sustainable brands

A few years ago, when the topic of sustainability was not yet as strongly integrated, the idea of green corporate restructuring not as sought after and top of mind as it is today.

Today, however, the environmental performance of companies is under the magnifying glass of consumers more than ever.

The result of the 2021 “Global Sustainability Study,” a survey of more than 10,000 people in 17 countries, is emblematic: as many as 34% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable products, seeing themselves more and more as the ones who are responsible for safeguarding the planet through their daily choices.

Respondents are convinced that companies must commit to producing and working while reducing their environmental impact. In light of this, it is clear that this trend is set to strengthen in the years to come.

Choosing to make a real commitment to the environment through your corporate policies will be rewarded by consumers. It also represents an opportunity to acquire and attract new consumers who want to make a difference by choosing brands with a reduced environmental impact, thus becoming active participants in the fight to protect the planet.

Sustainable companies are more attractive to investors

In the face of all these considerations, investors are also increasingly observant of companies’ behavior towards environmental issues and are demanding a green turn.

Suffice it to say that the Global Institutional Investor Survey 2021 found that 74% of institutional investors are more likely to disinvest in companies that are not sustainable and care little about their environmental impact.


In the face of this landscape, there is no longer any doubt that looking at your business through the lens of sustainability can generate profits and bring benefits.

Awareness of our climate issues and threats to  the planet are bound to grow in the years to come; it is a fact that can no longer be ignored.

Therefore, environmental sustainability should be seen as a great opportunity to do good for the planet and, at the same time, make your business more prosperous.

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sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.

The key to build a sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.