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“Let’s score for the Planet! Download AWorld, take action and plant a tree.”

This is the call of the Sports for the Planet initiative, created by AWorld in support of ACT Now, the United Nations campaign against climate change. On the the 35th Day of Serie A TIM, AWorld invited players, spectators and fans to come to the field and score a goal to protect the environment: plant up to 5,000 trees and save 2250 tons of CO2. During league day, for every goal scored, 100 trees were planted.

The campaign was multi-channel: digital, in-person and through AWorld App.


The initiative was created on AWorld , with the support of TIM and SERIE A, with the goal of planting up to 5,000 trees, thanks to ZeroCO2 and saving 2250 tons of CO2. In addition, for every 100 sustainable actions completed by enthusiasts on the app, a tree was planted! Since the launch, more than 17,000 sustainable actions have been generated in only 6 days. The Challenge engaged enthusiasts and players who put themselves to the test by participating in challenges offered by AWorld to help everyone see that even with small actions, you can have a positive environmental impact for the world.

SCORE A GOAL FOR THE PLANET: On field activation

In addition to a digital activation, Score a Goal For the Planet also included an on-field activation, during the same TIM Serie A Championship Day. For every goal scored, 100 trees were planted. 31 goals were scored, thus 3100 trees were planted, resulting in a CO2 savings of 77500 kg.

Awareness & Media Coverage

The initiative created Awareness in stadiums and was covered in traditional and digital media. 

Video calls to action to take part in the Challenge were projected in the stadiums and banners were unfurled before each match in the center of the fields, and a call to action was also included in the backdrop interviews on the sidelines. 

At the media coverage level: each team shared the invitation on the proprietary social channels to participate in the Challenge, plant trees, and protect the Planet. The social platforms involved were: Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.





With the activation SCORE A GOAL FOR THE PLANET: 

  • 3100 trees were planted in developing countries to foster the development of local communities, the trees will absorb 7750 kg of CO2
  • 20 soccer teams were engaged in the activation
  •  10 stadiums were involved
  • 737 users participated in the challenge: SCORE A GOAL FOR THE PLANET with 16,265 actions recorded in 6 days 

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