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VMware and Sustainability

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. 

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is building a more sustainable, equitable and secure future by integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals across the company and aligning them with its core business strategy.

The project: VMware Earth Month

Earth Month is the flagship sustainability employee engagement campaign celebrated every year on April.

In 2022, the campaign’s central theme was around personal climate action: the company wanted to offer its employees a tool that allowed them to measure their personal carbon footprint, while offering sustainability education and inspiring them to take action and transform their lifestyle into a more sustainable one. The AWorld app perfectly met the campaign’s requirements to engage with employees in a fun way while achieving a common goal throughout the month. A component of this campaign was a series of educational webinars and inspiring expert panelist events.

AWorld’s CEO Alessandro Armillotta participated as a panelist on the last panel of the series. During the talk, the importance of individual action was highlighted. Other topics addressed during this event were VMware’s route to Net Zero and the achievements reached by VMware’s community in the challenge launched with AWorld.

Stakeholder Engagement

To make the experience truly unique and engaging, VMware and AWorld launched a challenge and spurred participants to achieve a specific impact goal within a window of time. 

VMware's testimony

Why did you choose AWorld?

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we felt that AWorld was the best and most trustable tool to engage with our employees and inspire climate action, since AWorld is the official app for the UNCG’s Act Now campaign. 
We evaluated the app among various other solutions and loved the interface offered and the educational modules, as well as the possibility to make engagement fun through collective challenge.


How is the initiative part of VMware’s strategic plan?

Our annual Earth Month campaign is instrumental for engaging with our employees in regards to environmental sustainability. It is a key point of  VMware’s Sustainability employee engagement plan.


Why do you think it is important to invest in activities such as AWorld’s Employees Engagement and Education project?

As mentioned,  it is a key part of our employee engagement plan to educate and inspire our employees, and to enable them to live more sustainable lifestyles whether at work or at home.


The Team

VMware employees numerously participated in the activities offered by AWorld inside their personalized Team

The team included an educational plan and an engaging challenge, both of which saw the attendance of 90% of the participants. 


The educational plan selected by VMware for its employees addressed all SDGs. Some SDGs were completed more strongly than others according to VMware’s strategy and its most important values.


To engage its employees in a fun way, VMware decided to launch a challenge inside the Team. On the occasion of Earth Month, April 2022, VMware’s employees were able to participate in the community’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions

To boost the engagement of the employees, VMware decided to award every employee who participated in the challenge with a tree planted in his or her name. 

The challenge was a success: VMware’s community saved 62.159 kg of CO2 and 5.000 trees were planted!

Nicola Acutt: Vice President, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in the Office of the CTO.

Paola Monje: Program Manager, Sustainability

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The key to build a
sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.

The key to build a sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.

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