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Activate with Purpose

Connect your event to something larger and give your attendees a sense of purpose
with AWorld Events.

Let us make your
event more sustainable

Build your digital community, create a team, share worldwide locations where your events will be held, promote sustainable actions and measure the impact of your event.

How it Works

Engage & Reward your community

Our Impact Engagement methodology was created to generate real change.

Promote actions and challenges that will generate positive change.


Build community prior, during and after your event.


Reward your fans for positive climate action.

We Partner With

Sporting Events

Climate Rallies






Yoga Festivals


Concerts & Music Festivals

Educational Seminars & Beyond

Food & Beverage Festivals

Swaps (Clothing, Utility, Electronic etc)

Cleanups (Beach, Parks, River Cleanups etc)

Sustainable Development Goal Events

Speakups (Giving Diverse Voices a Chance to be Heard)

Activate with Purpose

AWorld’s seamless event integration will allow all your attendees to take action against Climate Change on site. Work with us to create a custom program within our platform where your audience can feel a part of something larger during their experience and learn how much their personal impact matters.They’ll walk away engaged, more educated and with specific actions they can take home with them that are in line with their sustainability values.

AWorld Of Actions


  • Active and engaged participants
  • Generate positive change
  • Creating a Value-Driven Community
  • Map the impact of your events
  • Increased Sense of Belonging

Why Choose AWorld

All-in-one solution

Measure, Learn About, and Reduce your footprint all in one platform.


AWorld supports organizations from all over the globe on their sustainability journey.

Proven to Work

Our global impact, case studies and testimonies allow us to ensure our method is effective, trackable and well-integrated.


We are the only official partners of the United Nations and the European Commission for Climate Change Campaigns.


AWorld was elected 2022 Innovation award for TIM as 2021 Startup of the Year


AWorld was promoted by António Guterres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elisa and many other like-minded advocates.

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