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Take your journey with AWorld

Sustainability is a personal, continuous, and always evolving journey. AWorld meets you where you are and helps you every step of the way by offering real insights, inspiring challenges, and teaching you something new everyday.

We’re there with you everyday, helping make it easier for each decision to be a little more sustainable.

Understand your footprint

Everyone’s sustainability journey is different. It depends on your lifestyle, the choices you make every single day and your goals.
AWorld has developed a unique personal footprint calculator to determine where you are in your sustainability journey and give you personal and actionable tips to meet your goals.

Story is Our Most Powerful Tool

We use vivid storytelling from different cultures all over the world to drive home important points about our planet, our actions and our responsibility as global citizens.

We utilize our Sustainable Development Goal insight to weave together content that educates and inspires while ensuring retention and memorability.

Easy and measurable actions

Making a change starts with everyday habits.
That’s why we created easy behavioral actions that will gently guide you towards more sustainable habits. Habits you can log and measure each day and track your own progress and savings in your profile.

Quizzes & surveys

Test your knowledge and progress in a fun way while going along on your sustainability journey.
AWorld offers quizzes & surveys after each completed educational journey to ensure retention and promote understanding of the content.
Passing quizzes gets you further along in points and badges!


The best way to learn more about sustainability is to make it a game and have fun with it!

Every step of the AWorld experience provides a layer of interactive gamification that keeps you motivated to work to the next level.

Community + Teams

We know that we learn better in community, and AWorld connects a curated like-minded global community of people who care deeply about making our planet a better place.

We create teams so this dynamic can be (reusable) bottled for coworkers, classrooms and beyond to feel motivated and engaged by each other’s sustainable actions. Engage in friendly competition with leaderboards, ask questions and grow together with AWorld.

Join challenges with friends

AWorld lets you join in community challenges to work towards a common goal of savings together! You’ll log your daily actions within the Challenge and work together to reach a common goal.
Once the goal is reached, we’ll make a sustainable contribution like planting trees or setting up bee hives.

ESG & SDG reporting

Make internal and external ESG and SDG reporting simple and easy with AWorld’s unique data exporting features.
See the progress and impact your team has made, easily pull engagement metrics and see which SDGs your team has covered with just one click.
Scope 3 measurement options available.

Measure your savings

Every action you take within the Habits will be logged towards your savings.
In your profile you’ll be able to see how many actions you’ve taken and how much water, CO2, electricity and waste you’ve saved as well as how many acts of kindness.



1.58G L


12.79M Kg



Acts of

4.72M kwh


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