How we select Brands

We look for brands with integrity and a clear mission to make the world a better place. Our brands are making concerted and documented efforts to make their production processes and their customer’s consumption more sustainable.

Our focus is on small to medium sized brands that don’t always get the sort of recognition that larger brands with larger marketing budgets get. However, we work with much larger brands too. Larger brands have the reach and resources to make sustainable consumption an everyday habit for many more of us.

No animal testing or cruelty – 

If not vegan, we request that all animal products used in manufacturing are reclaimed or otherwise responsibly obtained, and accept no animal cruelty or testing under any circumstances.  

Responsible manufacturing processes

  • Transparent supply chain; know exactly where goods are coming from and how they are made
  • Fair labour practices for all; legal and safe working conditions and fair salaries
  • Minimising use of fossil fuel energy and water used in production
  • Minimising pollution emitted during production
  • Use sustainable materials; e.g. renewable, recycled, by-product of different manufacturing process
  • Handmade by fairly paid, skilled craftsmen
  • Manufacturing slowed down; more representative of demand
  • Chemical free production; no use of unnecessary, harmful chemicals in production
  • Use of innovative models of manufacturing that are sustainable

Sustainable Design

  • Selling well-made products that have durability and / or a model that includes repairing or recycling your old items.
  • Brands involved in the circular economy.
  • Brands making goods from innovative renewable materials

Transparency – 

Brands that communicate and interact with their customers in a transparent way.

Give back – 

We particularly love brands that give back to the planet or society. We give back ourselves, with up to 3% of each purchase donated to charities working towards a sustainable planet.

If you are a brand that fits the bill or you would like to recommend one please get in touch. 

Sustainability Guarantees

At the moment, AWorld is not able to guarantee that all our requirements are being met at all times. However, this is one of our most important future goals.
Currently, we ask brands to self-certify and, if available, we check their assertions on other public platforms.

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