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Music connects People and Planet. What better way to make ourselves heard than with music? 

The #MusicforthePlanet collaboration between AWorld and Music Innovation Hub for Legambiente, with the support of ASVIS and the Italian Buddhist Union, is the first of many projects aimed at raising awareness for the wellbeing of our planet with music. 

Elisa "My Green Song"

Elisa is an Italian singer-songwriter and record producer, known throughout Europe and North America. Her deep commitment to sustainability and the environment has a heavy focus of her Back To The Future 2022 tour.

ELISA instagram post

The Project

AWorld accompanied Elisa along the stops of her Back To The Future Tour as a vehicle to promote sustainability through the actions of individuals planting many trees along the way.


Thanks to the collaboration between AWorld and Elisa, a massive tree planting project was underway- thanks to Legambiente in support of the European #LifeTerra project.

The goal of the project was ambitious: to  plant  500 million trees in the next 5 years! 

Through the activation of Music for the Planet, more than 110,000 euros in individual donations were raised in just 4 months.

Involving the Fans

To make the experience truly unique and engaging, AWorld with Elisa and all the Project Partners launched a Challenge. The goal of the challenge? To achieve 100K actions in seven months, to date the Challenge has accounted (as of November 16, 2022) for more than 500K positive actions for the People and Planet.

The Challenge was reactivated before each stop along the tour, both by the artist and through push notifications.

Results: Team and Challenge (data as of November 2, 2022)

The Challenge goal was met and exceeded thanks to user participation! The savings generated by the team, also achieved through a series of successful initiatives, looked like:

  • 1.9 B kg of CO2;
  • 636,000 kWh of electricity;
  • 96B of liters of water.

The collaboration between Elisa and AWorld through the Music For The Planet project has created great results for the Planet. In fact, across Italy, they have been:

  • planted 5 urban beehives;
  • protected 100 corals;
  • planted 10 posidonias;
  • protected 1 glacier;
  • adopted 1 orchard.

Throughout the duration of Elisa’s Tour and to support the Music For The Planet Campaign, a total of:

  • 35 talks on sustainability;
  • More than 130 guests involved.

In addition, in Milan, 2 cleanups of Parco Sempione were carried out, resulting in the collection of more than 16 thousand cigarette butts in two hours!

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