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Boost employees sustainability engagement and reach your ESG and Net Zero goals

AWorld helps you implementing a corporate sustainability program by activating your employees as a key part of your company sustainability transition, improving company culture and ensuring that everyone is involved in the shift towards a more sustainable future.

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Bring Climate
Action to Work

AWorld is a sustainable app that combines data, education, gamification and behavioral science to take everyone in your organization to the front lines of fighting climate change.

Promote sustainability initiatives for companies, SDG educational resources, engagement tools based on our custom Impact Engagement Methodology and CSR activities. The AWorld solution for employees helps grow awareness and empowers your employees to make more sustainable choices.

How it Works

Measure. Educate.
Engage & Reduce.

Our Impact Engagement methodology was created to generate real change and boost sustainability at workplace.


Calculate your total employee footprint in terms of CO2


Inspire, guide, and deeply inform your workforce on sustainability.

Engage & Reduce

Promote actions and challenges that will help reduce your organisation’s emissions.

Take Action and Create Real Change. Together.

The sustainability app AWorld combines gamification with SDG storytelling to boost employee engagement in the workplace ensuring their growth, the development of new habits, the taking of actions and their union to achieve your corporate sustainability goals.


Short, interactive content featuring storytelling and verified SDG based episodes about all facets of sustainability.

Business Footprint

Carbon Footprint Calculator powered by UNFCCC that helps you keep track of your Scope 3 emissions.


Turn climate actions into habits, empowers you team and reduce your organizations carbon footprint.


Engaging checkpoints that ensure retention and promote understanding of the content, helping you move forward.


Employee engagement activities where we work together towards a common impact goal to create real change.


Use the power of community to act towards a common purpose. Gather your community digitally, learning and growing together in one or more distinct teams within the app.

Impact Tracker

Our formula for calculating personal positive change and growth based on total actions generated in terms of CO2, water, and kindness.


  • Educated & Engaged Employees
  • Organizational Alignment with your Mission
  • Deeper Integration of The Sustainable        Development Goals
  • Obtain ESG measurement and NetZero Data
  • Better Brand Positioning
  • Increased Sense of Belonging
  • Internal Culture of Sustainability
  • Corporate Sustainability Responsability Program

NetZero and ESG sustainability reporting

Obtain key data for your ESG, NetZero and Sustainability reporting.

  • Carboon FootPrint Tracker and CO2 Savings
  • Employee Engagement and Impact Metrics
  • Sustainable Development Goals Mapping

Why Choose AWorld

All-in-one solution

Measure, Learn About, and Reduce your footprint all in one eco friendly app.


AWorld supports organizations from all over the globe on their sustainability journey.

Proven to Work

Our global impact, case studies and testimonies allow us to ensure our method is effective, trackable and well-integrated.


We are the only official partners of the United Nations and the European Commission for Climate Change Campaigns.


AWorld was elected 2022 Innovation award for TIM as 2021 Startup of the Year


AWorld was promoted by António Guterres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elisa and many other like-minded advocates.

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