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For Your Clients

Connect Your Audience with Your Purpose

People are looking for brands that care about the planet, brands with a mission and purpose. Take your clients along on your sustainability journey by allowing them to be an active part of reaching your goals, and create long-lasting relationships based on shared values.

Empower customers to take high-impact action

We’ll give you the tools to engage your audience while making them become an essential part of your community.
Create a highly appealing digital experience, generate better retention and become a beacon of sustainability knowledge by integrating AWorld’s challenges, storytelling content and everyday habits on your own platforms.

How it Works

Engage and Nurture your
Audience On Sustainability

Integrate the value-centric AWorld experience into your loyalty program and turn customers into brand advocates


Empower your customers to take high-impact actions.


Improve retention on your platforms and build your community.


Reward your customers through your loyalty program.

AWorld Integration into Your Third-Party Platform

Connecting audiences with your mission and amplify your brand values with loyalty.


  • Drive Engagement and Sales growth
  • Building a Meaningful Connection Based on Mission and Values
  • Stronger Owned Platform Retention
  • ESG Data for reporting, compliance, transparency, and beyond Stronger Brand Identity Connected to Impact

ESG and NetZero reporting

Obtain key data for your ESG, NetZero and Sustainability reporting.
  • Carboon FootPrint Tracker and CO2 Savings
  • Engagement and Impact Metrics
  • Sustainable Development Goals Mapping

Why Choose AWorld

All-in-one solution

Measure, Learn About, and Reduce your footprint all in one platform.


AWorld supports organizations from all over the globe on their sustainability journey.

Proven to Work

Our global impact, case studies and testimonies allow us to ensure our method is effective, trackable and well-integrated.


We are the only official partners of the United Nations and the European Commission for Climate Change Campaigns.


AWorld was elected 2022 Innovation award for TIM as 2021 Startup of the Year


AWorld was promoted by António Guterres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elisa and many other like-minded advocates.

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