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Impact Engagement

Our Formula to Generate Real Change in 3 Phases


Measure your individual footprint with the UN's lifestyle calculator.


Learn about sustainability, how to reduce your emissions and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Take Action

Discover the most effective actions an individual can take to fight climate change today.

1. Measure

Change starts with understanding you

With our User Profile & Lifestyle Footprint Calculator powered by UNFCCC and Doconomy, AWorld uses cutting edge data & analytics to calculate each user’s specific carbon footprint based on four categories: Food, Transport, Home, and Shopping Behaviors.

We go beneath the surface with questions that give you an initial understanding of your carbon emissions in each category and use that information to meet you where you are in your sustainability journey.

The AWorld experience will continue to refine users footprint through additional questions as they continue through the experience.

Scope 3 and business data also available.

2. Learn

Story is Our Most Powerful Tool 

We use vivid storytelling from different cultures all over the world to drive home important points about our planet, our actions and our responsibility as global citizens. Our focus is on engaging narrative captured by our tone of voice. The content feels enriching, approachable and entertaining for everyone.

We ensure all of our facts and sources are verified and that we bring in diverse voices to tell these stories the way they should be told.
We utilize our Sustainable Development Goal insight to weave together content that educates and inspires while ensuring retention and memorability.

3. Take Action

Engage and reduce

After figuring out exactly where you are on your sustainability journey and providing you with the awareness to understand the big picture, we introduce you to new actions you can take each day to decrease your footprint and measure your progress in terms of CO2, water, waste and kindness.

We also invite you into a gamified experience with challenges and discussions, where our AWorld community comes together to take real action against Climate Change, share ideas and move forward together.

We offer an AWorld ActNOW Official Certification, Certifications for Education coming soon!

Behavioural Change

We know that these steps will add up to real change and we’ve done the research to make sure you are supported every step of the way.

Together, we can save our planet and only home, the AWorld. All it takes is a little dedication, coming together in community and positive action.
Let’s do this.

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