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App to track your carbon footprint: discover AWorld for Act Now

The looming prospect of global warming presents an increasingly urgent concern that is permeating the collective consciousness.

Individuals are starting to think deeply about addressing their personal contribution to our environment and are earnestly considering their own carbon footprint.

This measure, which measures the total greenhouse gas emissions one generates, has become a critical metric driving a newfound emphasis on sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

Our daily choices extend far beyond our immediate surroundings and possess the power to shape the future trajectory of our planet. Whether it pertains to the mode of transportation we choose, the energy sources we rely on, the food we consume, or the way we manage waste, each decision leaves a lasting impact on our individual carbon emissions.

Estimates suggest that the average individual’s carbon footprint ranges from 3 to 20 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. These figures are undeniably staggering, especially when considering The Nature Conservancy’s goal of reaching an average of only 2 tons of carbon emissions per person per year by 2050. Assessing one’s carbon footprint is a complex task, influenced by various factors beyond travel choices. It encompasses dietary preferences, fashion decisions (including clothing, shoes and accessories) and the energy efficiency of one’s living space.

Given this complexity, independently calculating one’s carbon footprint can seem daunting, if not nearly impossible. Thankfully, we live in an era where technology offers a solution. Numerous user-friendly apps and websites have emerged as valuable tools to assist individuals in navigating this intricate landscape.

How does an app-based carbon calculator work?

An app-based carbon calculator serves as a user-friendly platform that enables individuals to measure and estimate their carbon footprint based on various lifestyle factors. These apps and platforms employ a systematic approach to accomplish this task, guiding users through a series of thoughtfully crafted questions. These inquiries delve into daily habits, behaviours and choices, unravelling the intricate tapestry of one’s carbon footprint.

Each answer contributes to the emergence of a comprehensive picture of environmental impact. The algorithms underlying these digital companions deftly analyse and synthesize user responses, leveraging vast amounts of data and scientific knowledge. Through this meticulous process, an estimate of the individual’s carbon footprint gradually takes shape.

This dynamic interaction between users and technology represents a crucial moment of self-reflection and awareness. As individuals navigate through these inquiries, they become acutely conscious of the environmental consequences inherent in their daily lives. The act of providing honest responses triggers a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between personal choices and the global climate.

Armed with these useful tools, individuals can gain a comprehensive understanding of their personal carbon footprint and its various contributors. These innovative platforms empower users to make informed decisions and take meaningful steps towards reducing their environmental impact, encompassing areas such as transportation, energy consumption, dietary choices and the ecological implications of clothing and accessories.

By embracing these digital companions, individuals embark on a journey of self-awareness and responsibility, unlocking the potential to actively contribute to a sustainable future. With the simple tap of a finger and the guidance of these apps and platforms, users are poised to make a tangible difference, harnessing the power of technology in the ongoing fight against climate change.

AWorld: the app that unleashes your carbon consciousness

AWorld, the designated sustainability app for the UN’s Act Now campaign, is a strategic initiative aimed at promoting personal actions to mitigate environmental impact and tackle the pressing challenges posed by climate change. The app encompasses an extensive array of purpose-built features designed to raise awareness and empower individuals to actively contribute to the development of a sustainable future. By equipping users with a range of tools and resources, AWorld enables active participation in the creation of an environmentally friendly world. Now, let us explore the distinctive features that the app offers to its users.

Footprint calculator

AWorld helps individuals, companies, communities, schools, and institutions in monitoring the ecological impact their lifestyle or activities produce by asking a series of straightforward questions. Based on the provided responses, the app generates an accurate estimation of the ecological footprint, which is quantified in kilograms of CO2. This calculation process relies on reliable parameters and involves converting a range of actions, behaviours and habits into greenhouse gas emissions, which are the leading factors contributing to climate change.

Educational content

Through the implementation of storytelling techniques AWorld provides educational content that can effectively educate and inspire users. The app concentrates on Sustainable Development Goals and comprehensively addresses various urgent planetary concerns, encompassing topics such as water conservation, the climate crisis and the global food system. After completing each training course, users are encouraged to actively engage in quizzes or surveys that are directly related to the covered subject matter. This approach aims to enhance information retention and foster a deeper comprehension of the content presented.

Behavioural tips

AWorld offers a diverse array of behavioural actions that are designed to foster positive environmental impact and facilitate the reduction of individual ecological footprints. Through the consistent adoption of these actions, individuals can cultivate sustainable habits and lifestyles that endure over time. Furthermore, the app provides users with the capability to log and quantify their daily beneficial actions, enabling them to closely monitor their progress and assess savings in crucial areas such as water usage, energy consumption, waste reduction and CO2 emissions. This valuable feature not only encourages users to actively track their environmental contributions but also serves as a source of motivation throughout their sustainability journey.

Savings measurement

By diligently recording every beneficial action undertaken for the betterment of the planet, AWorld captures the resulting savings. Within their personal area, users gain access to a comprehensive overview that encompasses their individual contributions. They can easily observe the tally of actions taken and the corresponding amounts of water, CO2, electricity and waste that have been saved. Through the provision of this detailed information, the platform empowers individuals to effectively track and quantify their positive environmental impact, fostering a heightened sense of personal accountability and encouraging continuous engagement in sustainable practices.


Every time a user successfully completes a training course, engages in a challenge, or undertakes beneficial actions for the planet, they earn experience points within AWorld. These points contribute to their progression and enable them to level up. By incorporating elements of gamification, AWorld transforms sustainability training into a gamification experience. This approach serves to motivate users, spurring them to continually strive towards reaching the next level. The gamification aspect enhances user engagement and fosters a sense of accomplishment, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable practices.

Community and teams

AWorld serves as a global platform connecting individuals who share a common commitment to improving our planet. It fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. Moreover, the app facilitates the formation of teams for companies, schools, associations and other organizations. These teams allow colleagues, students, citizens or individuals to collaborate and collectively contribute to sustainable initiatives, while providing mutual motivation and support. Within a team, participants can compare their rankings with fellow members, fostering a friendly competitive spirit to determine who can make the most positive impact on the planet. This collaborative and competitive environment further reinforces the collective drive towards sustainability.


The app allows users to create and participate in challenges, enabling them to work together towards a shared, customized saving goal. Each user actively engages in the challenge by registering actions, completing training courses, or inviting friends to join. These actions contribute to achieving the set objective, which can be a threshold of CO2, water, or energy savings, or a total count of beneficial actions. Like teams, within challenges, each participant can compare their ranking position with others, earning points for every completed activity. Challenges may offer collective rewards, such as the planting of trees, or individual rewards, such as experiential vouchers for top-ranking participants.

ESG & SDG reporting

Upon the conclusion of a challenge, AWorld generates a comprehensive report encompassing all the accomplished outcomes, including savings, participant statistics, actions taken and contributions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report serves as a valuable resource that can be exported and shared by organizations, simplifying the process of internal and external ESG and SDG reporting. By offering easily accessible and shareable data, AWorld streamlines the reporting procedures, facilitating transparent communication of sustainability achievements to both internal and external stakeholders.


In conclusion, AWorld offers a powerful solution for individuals seeking to act against climate change and reduce their carbon footprint. With its comprehensive range of features, the app empowers users to make a tangible difference in building a sustainable future.

Become a part of the AWorld community and actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable and resilient planet. As you embark on this journey, remember to extend invitations to friends and family, as their participation not only earns you experience points but also fosters mutual motivation and support. By joining forces, we can make a significant impact and inspire one another along the way. Start today and together let’s build a better future.

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sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.

The key to build a sustainable company? Engage your employees.

Find out now how to engage your employees with AWorld’s FREE GUIDE and boost your company’s sustainable transformation.

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